Living in a democracy: Violence meted out to the most vulnerable populations

There is a reason we believe in democracy. As civilized people we believe in freedom for every person in a country, irrespective of his/her gender,race, colour, religion, region or language.

04But the question is,have we achieved this?

Let us examine 2 countries which never tire of proclaiming the fact that they are largest democracies in the world-USA and India.

In the United States of America, a virtual civil war is on, between the African-Americans at the receiving end of police violence. More than a 102 unarmed blacks were killed in 2015 (at a rate of two per week) and  a  President who himself is an African-American is a helpless onlooker, doing little against the unending prejudice spilling into the streets, which are only ugly manifestations of racism.

This year is not over yet and police have already killed at least 790 people— many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color. February and March were the deadliest months this year, with 99 people killed by police in each month.

Thus goes the human rights record of  USA.

 What does our Indian record say?

02To talk about gender equality in India is absurd in many ways. The custom of dowry and the violence attached to it after marriage has long plagued Indian society. We here have unique form of violence in the name of “dowry deaths.”

03The crime against women is mainly in the form of domestic violence but our leaders have gone on record numerous times for their prejudiced comments against women.

The table below, shows the projected incidence of crimes,assuming that these states maintain their torrid crime rate. A look at the table below clearly indicates that Uttar Pradesh, followed by Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh take Ist, 2nd and 3rd ranks in the total crimes against women.


As usual, we in India make politics of everything. Our rulers will not have any qualms to exploit anything for votes instead of taking steps to protect the most vulnerable populations.

After all we are a flourishing democracy.


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