KCR postponed the aerial survey

While, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu naidu conducted the aerial survey in flood effected regions in Andhra Pradesh, his counterpart of the Telangana, KCR making the delay to do the same job to estimate the severe conditions in the state. In view of warning issued by IMD that heavy rains will be continued for next 48 hours by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been denied to fly on choppers in any place of the state. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) warned KCR not to venture out on helicopter in view of worst weather condition  prevailed in the state. The delaying of KCR visits in flood affected areas led to several comments from the political and public side. People are questioning that how KCR could be shown ATC warnings as reasons to make him delay in conducting the aerial survey. On the other side, the team Indian Air Force has been continuously rescued the several people with the help of choppers. Even, heavy rains have been continued from one week, he hasn’t been visited any village in the state. It makes him to face strong criticism from the public along with the political rivals.

            Earlier, KCR has planned to conduct aerial survey to ascertain flood situation along the banks of river Godavari and also monitor flood flow in the reservoirs. He has no option to go by road. Several regions in the state, the bridges are submerged with flood water; roads are washed out across the region of river Godavali due to the breach of the Mid Mandir Reservoir wall with heavy inflows from the river.

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