Breach of Mid Manair Dam wall created panic in Telanagana

Low-lying villagers are evacuated

Continuous heavy rains and flood water reasoned to be turned the normal conditions into panic in the state of Telangana with the breach of Mid Manair Dam wall by the abundant inflow of water into the project. The flood water has been overflowing dangerously into low lying areas. The official alerted the people to evocate immediately. The district administration has also take up the rapid action to evacuation and making the rehabilitation arrangements across the Karimnagar district.  The upper part of the mud wall of the dam has been eroded forming gorges at many places and the huge inflow of flood water is overflowing to the downstream by gradually washing away the bund to the dangerous level. The water storage capacity of the dam is 5 lakh Cusec. Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao and Finance Minister Etela Rajendar including the district Collector Nithu Kumari Prasad inspected the situation at the dam and assured to the people that we are taking the all the precautionary steps to control the situation. They also announced that government will be given compensation to the the evacuated families of the submerged villages. As part of precautionary measures, the officials are safely evacuated more than 50 families from the above villages. Due to the breakage to the weir of the dam, the transportation between Karimnagar and Sirisilla has been blocked. The evacuating operations are underway.

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